Hey again, let’s dive deeper into Swift. Power up your Xcode playground and let’s get going!

Creating a Variable

var myVariable = "Hello"

Using the var keyword, you can define a variable as in JavaScript.  The var keyword accepts various types (int, BOOL, float, etc).  By default, the word Hello is a string (a line of text) because it is enclosed in double quotes.  However, what if you didn’t want a string? Perhaps you want to set a number.

var myVariable = 3

You can also create a  string (or any other type for that matter), my explicitly declaring it a string.  Let’s check that out.

var myVariable: String = "Hello"

That’s the same as the first line of code. As such, you can also define a double in the same manner.

var myVariable: Double = 5.0

Easy? It’s quite simple!

Creating a Constant

Use the let keyword to define a constant.  Let;s take a look at an example.

let myVariable = 2

Bam, there’s a constant. See the below code for defining a BOOL.

var myVariable = true

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